Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Back to my own efforts-new shots

Taken with a Leica R4s and 50mm Summicron on Rollei RPX 25 film. Developed
in FX-39 liquid at makers time and standard dilution -  the time which needs cutting down This figure is at the Gortmore Viewpoint  on  'Bishops Road' above Loch Foyle in Northern Ireland.

Purton Hulks on the banks of the Severn. I regret a rather familiar subject that has attracted several photographers but was the subject of an afternoon walk with friends as quite close to us.For these  I used a Leica 111f with a 50mm Summitar f2 lens - coated- on T-Max 400 in D75 1:1.

This is another shot of the above barge which is a record of the two 12 inch nails used to attempt to hold the crack on the timber at top right. Same camera used.

Deal Pier in Kent. A cloudy day at the seaside. Leica 111f  with 35mm lens Kodak T-Max 400 in D76 1:1

A late afternoon at the one time  Broad street railway site adjacent to Liverpool Street,London.Taken on a leica 111f camera with a f2.0 Summitar (Coated) As in meny cases D76 1;1 to develop Kodak T-Max 400

Evening scene in Alaior,Menorca, in June 2016 using a Leica R4s and 50mm Summicron  Lens, Film was Rollei RPX 25 in FX-39.

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